DIY Singlespeed (look) bike

I like the "light" look of single speed bikes. To get my own Singlespeed bike, I bought a old bike with internal gear hub...

As first step I replaced teh saddle and removed the 
Here is are some similar saddle on amazon:

The next time I will use a saddle like this:

 A bullhorn bar make the bike more sporty and aggressive. The gear shift is at the right end of the new bar with a 70mm stem.

Here you have some bullhorn bars on amazon:

Here you have some stems on amazon:

after further reductuion, I noticed the necessity to replace the chain and the chainring

With the new chainring, crank and chain the bike is almost ready.

I discovered a really cool rear light at amazon. The XLITE100 fits perfect to the minimalisit bike disign.

Here you get similar bike rear lights:

The last step was to mount red pedals.

After finishing the bike, it was a birthday gift to my brother.
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