My first robot

After following great robot projects at the internet, it's time to submit my first robot. As long as I can remember, I always was been interested in robots. Thanks to arduino now I'm able to build my own robots.

Step 1

It is a simple rover that uses an ultrasonic sensor on a servo to detect obstacles, and two continuous rotation servos to drive. The chassis is made from aluminium.

First test drive:
Step 2
- added yoghurt cup as body to protect robot's life from my little son
- added a accu pack with charging jack
- changed the the ultrasonic sensor on the servo agains two static ultrasonic sensors
- added a red/green LEDs as eyes for signal the obstacles state
- added a audio shield for arduino with 2 8ohm speakers
- added a IR proximity sensor as floor sensor

Front view:
- R/G LEDs behind the eyes
- 2 ultrasonic sesors
- 1 ir sensor at the bottom

Rear view:
- power switch on the top (on-postion for robot driving off-position for charging)
- charging jack

Top view:
- the USB socket is behind a cover, hence comfortable USB-connection is possible

Inner view:

floor sensor test:

sound test:

robot driving around:

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